What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a fuel produced by purifying the product of a chemical reaction between natural oils and alcohol. This alternative fuel can offer a significantly lower CO² (carbon based) emission profile than petrolium diesel.

How much does Biodiesel cost?

Biodiesel offers massive cost savings over normal diesel. To discover what you can save - contact us now

Do I need to modify my engine to use biodiesel?

The simple answer is NO. Assuming your engine was manufactured fairly recently (after the early 1990s), for engines manufactured before then minor modifications, such as rubber fuel lines might require replacement. You can even alternate between biodiesel and normal diesel, should you need to.

Will there be an impact on my engine performance?

No. Biodiesel will not impact on your engine's performance, nor will will your fuel consumption be effected negatively- in fact improved fuel consumption is common place.

Can biodiesel harm my engine?

No. Biodiesel provides significantly better lubrication for your engine that normal diesel. Biodiesel can prolong your engine's life significantly.

What other benefits does Biodiesel offer?

  • Biodiesel manufacture promotes the use of waste products and renewables
  • Supports local job creation
  • Contributes to the environment
  • Is less toxic than fossil fuel equivalents